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Trout & Salmon: Trout on the Tube

This month I’ve been absolutely thrilled to see my long-awaited article about the Wandle appearing in the January 2018 issue of Trout & Salmon, which started dropping on doormats and news-stands last week. It’s not a valedictory – the big move from south London to Somerset has happened for family reasons, and I’m still intending […]

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Fly-fishing, London, River restoration, Trout, Trout & Salmon, Urban rivers, Wandle, Writing Dec 18 2017

Fallon’s Angler, issue 9: Delayed gratification

Here in south London, trout season opens later than elsewhere, and it’s just another quirk of fishing in the 21st century that social media isn’t letting me forget it.  Starting in early March, my Instagram and Twitter feeds have steadily been filling up with photos from big trout hunters in Scotland, Eden, Derbyshire, Wales and the […]

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Fallon's Angler, Fly-fishing, London, Trout, Urban rivers, Wandle, Writing May 01 2017

Filming on the Wandle

A couple of weekends back – before, during and after the Wandle Trust‘s usual monthly community river cleanup – film maker Jeremiah Quinn came down to the Wandle with his camera to capture some new angles on this little urban chalkstream’s story, and the qualities that have kept lots of us fishing and pulling out […]

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Chalkstreams, Coarse fish on the fly, Films, Fly-fishing, London, River restoration, Trout, Urban rivers, Wandle Sep 28 2016

Eat, Sleep, Fish: Reviewing Vision’s Kalu reel

Regular readers of this blog will know how much I enjoy contributing occasional articles to Eat, Sleep, Fish, the monthly not-for-profit ezine published by my good pal Pete Tyjas from his base at the Devon School of Flyfishing. For most of the 2015 season I’ve been fishing a Vision Kalu reel, as part of a range […]

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Eat, Sleep, Fish, Grayling, London, Salmon, Tackle, Trout, Ultralight fly-fishing, Wandle, Writing Dec 11 2015

The Flyfishers’ Journal: Summer 2015

Thanks to all my fellow Members of the Flyfishers’ Club who contributed articles to the Summer 2015 issue of the Flyfishers’ Journal, our latest issue is now apparently cruising at 35,000 feet to many corners of the earth as essential in-flight holiday reading… a global affair in all senses of the word. There’s a brace […]

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Editing, Fly-fishing, Flyfishers' Journal, London, Writing Jul 22 2015

New Urbantrout hyperstealth hoodies: They’re here!

In gaps between briefs for several fascinating freelance copywriting gigs in busy London agencies, I’ve recently been devoting a little extra time to new product development for my Urbantrout eco-brand… … launched in 2013 and gaining a satisfyingly culty underground following among them as knows (look at that lucky orange hoodie on West Country fishing guide Pete […]

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Freelance copywriting, London, Urbantrout May 15 2015

The Flyfishers’ Journal: Winter 2014

Though I say it myself… I think this winter’s Flyfishers’ Journal has turned out to be a proper Christmas cracker. Highlights of the latest issue include contrasting Icelandic articles from Neil Patterson and Nigel ‘Fennel’ Hudson (also starring Tim Pike, John Hotchkiss and David Profumo), Andrew Herd’s examination of Jimmy Wright’s fly-tying legacy to the […]

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Editing, Fly-fishing, Flyfishers' Journal, London, Writing Dec 17 2014

Urban river restoration: Interview for SCALE Magazine

It’s not every day you get interviewed on your home water for an international fishing ezine. So when Germany’s SCALE Magazine offered to send writer-translator Tankred Rinder (also editor of Forelle und Aesche) and photographer Veit Dresmann to south London as part of their round-the-UK road trip in September… … I jumped at the chance […]

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Chalkstreams, Fly-fishing, London, Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing, River restoration, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Wandle Dec 01 2014

Freelance copywriting: Digital double

Despite the obvious presence of a brace of hardback books in my portfolio, more than 90% of my freelance copywriting work these days is digital. Take two of my most recent jobs, for example… The first involved working with a PR company to launch a revolutionary new multi-joint fitness system which may in time replace […]

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Freelance copywriting, London, Writing Nov 20 2014

Summer writing roundup

Where has this summer gone? Between publication of my Balsam Bashing book, a few freelance copywriting gigs up in London, helping to recruit new staff for the Wandle and South East Rivers Trust and watching over the Wandle’s biggest river restoration projects yet, experimenting with a radical new approach to ultralight fly-fishing, and exploring new […]

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Environmental policy, Fallon's Angler, Fly-fishing, Freelance copywriting, London, Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing, River restoration, Trout, Ultralight fly-fishing, Wandle, Writing Sep 30 2014