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Unicorns and other streamer rods: Reviewing the Orvis Helios 3

The kind of fish-imitating flies known as streamers have fascinated me for what feels like forever – maybe ever since I was sitting in my high chair at my parents’ kitchen table looking at the pictures in 1970s LL Bean mail order catalogues, which I now suspect were full of classic Maine-style streamer patterns like […]

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Fly-fishing, Streamers, Tackle Aug 09 2019

Fishtec: Dries and streamers for autumn trout fishing

Autumn can be one of the best times of the fishing year. But it’s all too precious and fleeting, so how can we really make the most of it? Friends who’ve fished with me in recent years will know that when I’m on the water in the shoulder seasons, I’m increasingly likely to reach for […]

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Fishtec, Fly-fishing, Streamers, Trout Oct 24 2018


Even if you only believe some of the stuff you read in the fly-fishing niche-within-a-niche of the internet, you’ll probably have picked up hints that Airflo fly-lines have suffered from a pretty mixed reputation. Sinkers like the Di7 are still legendary for their efficiency in plumbing the depths of the great Midlands reservoirs, but the […]

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Fly-fishing, Streamers, Tackle, Trout Nov 28 2012