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Fishtec: Dries and streamers for autumn trout fishing

Autumn can be one of the best times of the fishing year. But it’s all too precious and fleeting, so how can we really make the most of it?

Friends who’ve fished with me in recent years will know that when I’m on the water in the shoulder seasons, I’m increasingly likely to reach for either dry flies or streamers. I’ll happily fish nymphs, of course, but I like the conscious gear change between the other two techniques – both involve hunting the fish, but reading the water in very different ways.

This means I’ve really enjoyed writing a couple of recent features for Fishtec – one on fishing dry flies at this time of year, and the other on streamers (in a stillwater flavour). If you’ve not seen them already, please do click on the links below:

As I’ve recently been agreeing with my fishing pals, there’s nothing like this time of year, especially because we all know winter is coming. Get out there and fish while you can!