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Wild Trout Trust: Salmo Trutta 2024

Salmo Trutta is the Wild Trout Trust’s prestigious annual journal, now in its 27th issue, and after several years of helping the brilliant Denise Ashton with commissioning, proof reading and other matters, 2024 has been my first year fully ensconced in the editor’s chair.

Of course, like most publications of this kind, Salmo Trutta is much more of a team production than an individual effort, and I’ve really enjoyed working with the whole roster of brilliant writers and deeply knowledgeable scientists listed over on the WTT website. Not to mention, too, our ‘ace designer’ Rebecca Hawtrey!

(Whisper it softly, but this year’s overall theme, restoring our rivers’ physical habitat, also gave me a chance to evoke a beautifully dynamic stretch of the Usk which I’ve loved since the very first time I fished it – illicitly, as it turned out, but that’s all part of the story).

WTT members should now have received their copies of Salmo Trutta 2024, and membership costs just £44 (or £23 for retired folks) and comes with a complimentary copy as soon as we can get it into the post to you. Sign up here if you haven’t already!

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