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Caring for our coarse fish

Just in case you missed all the social media chatter a few weeks ago, I thought it’d be worth mentioning again that my review of Mark Everard’s important new book River Habitats for Coarse Fish has now been published on the Fallon’s Angler website. As I said in my introduction… In these days when all […]

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Barbel, Bream, Chub, Dace, Environmental policy, Fallon's Angler, River restoration, Roach, Trout, Writing Nov 17 2016

Bashing balsam

Several evenings in the past two months, I’ve followed the track of one of our previous volunteer balsam-pulling days, sniping late stragglers that pop their heads above the parapet of rusting brambles and bindweed. Absent overshading and other competition from its fellows, it’s amazing how the most inconspicuous seedling will snatch its chance to shoot […]

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Chub, Coarse fish on the fly, Dace, Fly-fishing,, Invasive non-native species, London, River restoration, Urban rivers, Urbantrout, Wandle, Writing Oct 07 2013

Hogsmill holiday

Somewhere in the depths of this apparently endless winter (cue another wild nor’easter kicking snow in the face of casting practice and trying to tune a recalcitrant switch rod to throw big intruders, never mind actual fishing) … … Adrian and I grabbed a window in the weather and headed out for a day on […]

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Chalkstreams, Coarse fish on the fly, Dace, Fly-fishing, River restoration, Urban rivers, Wandle Feb 27 2013