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Caring for our coarse fish

Just in case you missed all the social media chatter a few weeks ago, I thought it’d be worth mentioning again that my review of Mark Everard’s important new book River Habitats for Coarse Fish has now been published on the Fallon’s Angler website. As I said in my introduction… In these days when all […]

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Barbel, Bream, Chub, Dace, Environmental policy, Fallon's Angler, River restoration, Roach, Trout, Writing Nov 17 2016

Angling writers’ convention: DG hits the Wandle

After several successful outings on his own home waters earlier in 2011, during which I’m almost certain I mentioned a little river in South London once or twice… … it was pretty much inevitable that my West Country fishing partner in crime Dominic Garnett would eventually take the bait and visit the Wandle for the first […]

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Coarse fish on the fly, Freelance copywriting, London, Perch, River restoration, Roach, Wandle, Writing Jan 05 2012

Refilling the well

Traditionally, when an author finishes writing a book, he thankfully slams the door of his garret and clatters down the rickety stairs to the fleshpots of the nearest big city… there to get utterly amnesiac on Guinness, absinthe or whatever qualifies as the local obliviator of choice. By contrast, back in September, all I wanted […]

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Coarse fish on the fly, Roach, Rudd, Writing Nov 27 2011