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The Flyfishers’ Journal: Winter 2014

Flyfishers' Journal Winter 2014

Though I say it myself… I think this winter’s Flyfishers’ Journal has turned out to be a proper Christmas cracker.

Highlights of the latest issue include contrasting Icelandic articles from Neil Patterson and Nigel ‘Fennel’ Hudson (also starring Tim Pike, John Hotchkiss and David Profumo), Andrew Herd’s examination of Jimmy Wright’s fly-tying legacy to the Tweed, Peter McLeod’s In My Fly Box feature on flies for blue water fly-fishing, and Greg Belcamino’s Letter from America (always a fascinating look at our sport from my counterpart at the Anglers’ Club Bulletin and Past President of the Anglers’ Club of New York).

As I’ve noted in my Editorial, a theme of friendship on the water definitely runs through this issue of the Journal, and our now-traditional ‘good cause’ embodies this idea with an feature on Fishing For Forces, a charity whose objective is helping recovering servicemen and women by ‘taking the wounded to the waterside’ and introducing them to the wonderful sport of fly-fishing.

And then there’s a flashback to that afternoon in June which I spent photographing Morgan Jones and Nick Steedman on a supernaturally beautiful stretch of the upper Itchen – a day which produced a cracking image for the front cover and several others for the Mayfly Weekends photo essay, before landing Duncan and me with a baffling blank on an otherwise picture-perfect evening on the Avon – but we won’t talk too much about that!

Once again I’ve really enjoyed working with such a talented bunch of writers, photographers and designers to produce another issue of the venerable Flyfishers’ Journal.

So… a very Merry Christmas to all my fellow Members of the Flyfishers’ and readers of this blog alike, rapidly followed by a happily fishy New Year. As Neil reminded me just the other day, it’ll be Mayfly again soon…