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Fishing in Wales: My top 5 Welsh urban rivers

Mere decades ago, these were waters that still ran black with coal dust and the toxic effluent of steel mills and other industries. Today, many Welsh urban rivers still suffer from litter, drainage misconnections and misbehaving sewage treatment works, but if you look carefully, you’ll find wild fish among the remaining shopping trolleys: trout (some of them very big indeed), grayling, barbel and even salmon… Some writing projects can be a slow […]

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Fishing in Wales, Fly-fishing, Grayling, Trout, Writing Mar 24 2021

Fallon’s Angler, issue 7: It’s chalk, Jacques, but not as we know it…

After taking a break for a few issues, I’m delighted to say that I’ve just had another article published in Fallon’s Angler… … this time revisiting (from a very different angle) a few days I spent exploring the chalkstreams of northern France last summer with Jeremy Lucas and a couple of pals from the South […]

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Chalkstreams, Fallon's Angler, Fly-fishing, France, Grayling, Trout, Writing Aug 24 2016

New life for the Taff

Quite apart from the constant hum of creativity that means we’re now getting to play with some of the finest, most sophisticated tackle ever deployed in search of elusive fish, I think it’s fair to say that two developments – no, movements – within the last 20 years have revolutionised the lives of most of […]

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Fly-fishing, Grayling, River restoration, Taff, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Writing Apr 04 2016

Eat, Sleep, Fish: Reviewing Vision’s Kalu reel

Regular readers of this blog will know how much I enjoy contributing occasional articles to Eat, Sleep, Fish, the monthly not-for-profit ezine published by my good pal Pete Tyjas from his base at the Devon School of Flyfishing. For most of the 2015 season I’ve been fishing a Vision Kalu reel, as part of a range […]

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Eat, Sleep, Fish, Grayling, London, Salmon, Tackle, Trout, Ultralight fly-fishing, Wandle, Writing Dec 11 2015

Stealth, Sunray fly-lines and sneaking up on fish

The last two years have been one hell of a fly-fishing experiment. A major highlight of life as a freelance copywriter is getting to hear about new products and services – and, better still, writing about them – long before they reach the general market. In the last few months, for instance, I’ve written copy […]

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Fly-fishing, Freelance copywriting, Grayling, Salmon, Tackle, Trout, Ultralight fly-fishing Nov 04 2015

Writing on the Wandle: Tankred Rinder and George Monbiot get stuck into Trout in Dirty Places

The past few weeks have been busy with new project development (of which, I hope, more soon!) but I’ve also had the thrill of meeting two great and influential writers on the banks of the Wandle. First up was Tankred Rinder, Austrian author and editor of the rapidly-growing Forelle und Aesche e-zine. Tankred fished the Wandle […]

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Fly-fishing, Grayling, London, Media coverage, River restoration, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Wandle Apr 30 2013

Bakewell or bust!

When the authoritative history of whole-river restoration comes to be written, Derbyshire’s Haddon estate will probably deserve a chapter of its own. The Peak District’s limestone River Wye has been legendary for dry fly only rules since 1865, but modern river management took one of its greatest leaps of faith in 2004, when Haddon’s head […]

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Fly-fishing, Grayling, Trout, Uncategorized, Urban rivers Oct 31 2012

Urban fly-fishing breaks cover in Shooting Times

I’m delighted to announce that my latest Trout in Dirty Places flavoured feature has just appeared in this week’s issue of Shooting Times. The article focuses on urban fly-fishing opportunities for trout and grayling in Britain’s market towns including Fakenham, Leominster and Tiverton, and I’ve also (briefly!) addressed the vital role that’s played by good […]

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Fly-fishing, Grayling, Media coverage, Shooting Times, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Writing Sep 20 2012

Trout in Dirty Places: It’s on the way!

My publisher Merlin Unwin promised me a few months ago that there’s nothing quite like the moment when the first copy of your first book finally hits your desk. And guess what?  He was right. After years of research and exploration, and almost unbelievable generosity and help from more than 200 people (count ’em on the […]

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Grayling, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Writing Feb 03 2012