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S&TC Gamefisher 2018: Wild Ennerdale

For the second year running I’ve been greatly privileged to contribute a feature to S&TC’s Gamefisher magazine – this time on the hot topic of rewilding, and how it’s actively taking place in Ennerdale on the western edge of Cumbria: Because water flows downhill, rivers are the sum total of everything that’s happening on the […]

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Char, Fly-fishing, Gamefisher, River restoration, Trout, Uncategorized, Writing May 28 2018

Bakewell or bust!

When the authoritative history of whole-river restoration comes to be written, Derbyshire’s Haddon estate will probably deserve a chapter of its own. The Peak District’s limestone River Wye has been legendary for dry fly only rules since 1865, but modern river management took one of its greatest leaps of faith in 2004, when Haddon’s head […]

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Fly-fishing, Grayling, Trout, Uncategorized, Urban rivers Oct 31 2012

Link haze: Trout in Dirty Places storms the media

One week on from the official launch of Trout in Dirty Places at Grangers in South Kensington, and the slightly scary sense that I haven’t so much dropped a pebble into the margins of a quiet pool as heaved a bloody great boulder into a cast-iron bathtub… … is slowly starting to subside. Still, it’s […]

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Media coverage, Trout in Dirty Places, Uncategorized, Writing Apr 10 2012