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Link haze: Trout in Dirty Places storms the media

One week on from the official launch of Trout in Dirty Places at Grangers in South Kensington, and the slightly scary sense that I haven’t so much dropped a pebble into the margins of a quiet pool as heaved a bloody great boulder into a cast-iron bathtub

… is slowly starting to subside.

Still, it’s been a busy few days out there on the airwaves and blogosphere, so I reckon the best and fastest sort of summary is the ever-reliable in-no-particular-order link haze:

If overwhelming isn’t quite the word I’m looking for, it’ll probably do for now. And I’m immensely grateful to everyone who’s read and enjoyed Trout in Dirty Places so far: big, big thanks to you all.

Update: My interview with Bryan Crump has now been broadcast on his Nights show on Radio New Zealand, covering a wide range of subjects from sewage in the Thames to parallels between urban and back-country fly-fishing: click on the player below to listen!