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Trout in Dirty Places: It’s on the way!

My publisher Merlin Unwin promised me a few months ago that there’s nothing quite like the moment when the first copy of your first book finally hits your desk.

And guess what?  He was right.

After years of research and exploration, and almost unbelievable generosity and help from more than 200 people (count ’em on the acknowledgements page!) this snapshot of urban fly-fishing, river restoration and the voluntary sector at the start of the 21st century is lining up to land.

As that first copy thumped onto the doormat, and then emerged from its packaging beside the keyboard where every last word had been typed, re-assessed and eventually let loose into the wild… I could hardly believe it myself.

Better still, somewhere on a container ship in the South China Sea, another 2,998 copies are on their way home for full publication in exactly 2 months’ time.  Apparently that’ll be a pretty unforgettable moment too…