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Freelance copywriting: Digital double


Despite the obvious presence of a brace of hardback books in my portfolio, more than 90% of my freelance copywriting work these days is digital. Take two of my most recent jobs, for example…

The first involved working with a PR company to launch a revolutionary new multi-joint fitness system which may in time replace most of the kit you currently use at the gym.

Genuine step-changes are apparently rare in the rehabilitation, elite sports performance and leisure equipment markets, but MuJo’s revolutionary 360-degree axial cams are definitely all that. As a result, writing the copy for this website meant learning very rapidly about a fascinating new field of medical science, and translating it for a range of highly technical audiences. MuJo’s new website is here, and this sometimes-creaky former rower will be keeping a close check on how their product range develops.

Then there was a job that arrived as an extension of my role as Editor of the Flyfishers’ Journal: a brief to evaluate and update the Flyfishers’ Club website – which involved working closely with the Club Secretary and webmaster to assess and reorganise pre-existing information, research and write interesting new content, and make sure everything looked and felt consistent with the Club’s historic traditions and modern identity.

For membership reasons, much of the new site (including an integrated ‘virtual club room’ forum) is now behind a secure login screen, but you’ll get a good sense of the Flyfishers’ from these public areas (and regular readers of this blog might also recognise one or two of my own photos from the image slider on the front page… hint: Usk trout and my trusty Marryat 3-weight dry fly rod!)

Flyfishers Club

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