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The Flyfishers’ Journal: Summer 2017

To the best of this editor’s knowledge, there’s never been a big dirty streamer on the front of the Flyfishers’ Journal. Dedicated followers of Halford might want to look away now, but the moment I saw this photo from Neil Patterson (hard evidence of a recent catfishing trip to Florence) I knew what I had to do…

Of course, at least one modern all-round angler who wouldn’t have been remotely shocked is the late and much-missed Fred Buller: the subject of a lovely personal tribute from David Beazley in this issue’s Library Notes, and a photo portrait from another of Fred’s close friends, David Hatwell.

Behind that scary-streamer cover shot, FFJ readers will also find features from Fennel Hudson, Andrew Herd, Greg Belcamino, Tony Mair, Charles Jardine, Bob Bradley, Angus Woolhouse and Peter Hayes – and the announcement that Gary Crossley has won the Peter Lapsley Award 2016 for his vivid article Jist Go Git the Baar, published in our Summer 2016 edition.

Last but not least, thanks to an introduction from David Profumo, we’ve nominated an intriguing new fundraising idea for Marie Curie Nurses as our ‘good cause’ for this issue of the Journal. Fishers of all kinds can easily get involved in Casting for a Cause: click here to find out more.