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The Flyfishers’ Journal: Summer 2016

Flyfishers Journal Summer 2016

It’s here… featuring Neil Patterson’s four favourite flies, John Crompton’s (k)night exercises in search of sea trout, Gary Crossley’s encounter with a naked Naiad, Stéphane Rault’s gastronomic revelations, Greg Belcamino’s advice for making trout happy on both sides of the Atlantic…

… and a whole lot more, including a blockbuster article from WWF-UK on how this influential charity is speaking up for rivers all across Britain (thanks in no small part to the big-stick European Water Framework Directive – those in reckless favour of Brexit please note!)

There’s also much photographic excellence in this issue of the Journal – including rarely-seen shots from one of my predecessors in the Editor’s chair, Dr EA Barton, who rightly became known as ‘the Ansel Adams of the chalkstreams’ …

… and on the front cover, a truly beautiful study of a mayfly from another of Dr Barton’s inheritors, my talented photographer pal Duncan Soar.

As usual, it’s been a mighty pleasure to assemble this issue with those excellent designers at STR.

The Flyfishers’ Club has just introduced a waiting list for the first time in its history, but the Journal is still available at £25 per year plus postage: contact the Club Secretary if you’d like to start a subscription. (Because really… why wouldn’t you?)