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Wet weather in Wincanton

Cale cleanup - Steve Lee

However many urban river restoration projects you get to know (and I got very familiar with a large number of them in the course of researching and writing Trout in Dirty Places), there’s something about meeting new people on the banks of their once-dirty-and-forgotten river that never grows old. 

So it was a particular pleasure to meet Gary, Steve, Matt and other members of the CATCH committee for our inevitable wet-weather walk, and see what they’ve achieved right there on the bankside…

The latest instalment of my Urbantrout Diaries series has just been published on, introducing one of the newest Trout in the Town projects (this time in the little Somerset town of Wincanton… still slightly damp after this winter of rain and floods).

Please click through to read the full feature, and check out the CATCH website to find out more!

(Photo: Steve Lee, CATCH)