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Trout in Dirty Places: All sold out!

A few days ago I heard from my publishers Merlin Unwin Books that they’ve finally sold out of all the printed copies of my first book, Trout in Dirty Places.

I’m still working out exactly how I feel about this: on one hand, of course, books are supposed to sell out, but on the other, it’s sad that there won’t be many totally box-fresh copies out there for would-be urban flyfishers to find on shelves in fishing shops and book stores (though there may still be a few left to snap up at Coch-y-Bonddhu Books and other online sellers!)

Still, the second-hand market will be booming. And of course the e-book version should be available pretty much for ever

Better make some more progress on the next one, I guess?

(Photo: Kavita Kapoor)