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The Wild Trout Trust auction 2019: Helping to plan whole seasons of fishing adventures

This month, working with the Wild Trout Trust has meant happily converging several different strands of my professional interests (again) and helping to promote the brilliant annual Wild Trout Trust charity auction.

As I’ve said once or twice on my Urbantrout site, it’s clear that more and more fly-fishers are using the WTT auction as their guide to planning whole seasons of exciting adventures… so why not highlight this benefit as part of the auction’s publicity campaign?

From this thought, the #WTTseasonofadventures social media hashtag was born, together with lots of other collateral including this interview-style feature which I wrote for the Fishtec blog, profiling keen WTT supporters John and Steve, and the range of adventures they’ve enjoyed thanks to the auction.

Update: the 2019 WTT auction has now ended, raising more than £63,000 to help make wild trout happy. The auction will return in spring 2020.