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Launching Urbantrout fly gear


If you want to stroll the banks of a manicured chalkstream, or cast a fly across a well-appointed salmon river, there’s plenty of old-school tweed and waxed cotton to help you look the part. 

Alternatively, if you’re planning a week’s survival camp in Norway or Kamchatka, with nothing to keep you alive except bear-spray and space-tech fabrics, the catalogues are crammed with choice. 

But what if you’re one of us – the new tribe of urban fly-fishers – who just wants to fish where you live, blend into your busy urban surroundings and remain undetected by everyone except (perhaps) other members of your own movement? 

That’s why Urbantrout fly gear is here.

Over on my Urbantrout site I’ve recently been launching my new eco-brand: Urbantrout-badged street-style fly-fishing gear.

(If you’ve worked beside me in the busy buying offices at Liberty’s department store, or anywhere at the fast-moving convergence of urban fly-fishing, charity marketing and fundraising, and corporate social and environmental responsibility… none of this may come as a complete surprise).

And here’s one other important thing. 

Every year, we’ll donate a full 10% of Urbantrout-branded product sales profits to urban river restoration projects. 

Our reasoning is that without the hard-to-fund projects that are constantly improving our inner-city fisheries as a precious common resource, few of us would be fishing these urban rivers at all. 

We’ve been greatly inspired by the generosity and environmental advocacy of global brands like Orvis and Patagonia, and while we’re vastly smaller (for now) than these industry leaders, we’re just as passionately committed to environmental responsibility. We’ve no idea how much difference we’ll be able to make by donating this deliberately high percentage of our profits, but we want to give it a hell of a good try…

Last Saturday saw our official launch on the Wild Trout Trust stand at the British Fly Fair International, and the whole introductory range of hoodies, t-shirts, fishing caps and window stickers is now available to buy online.

Fish where you live, rock your urban fly-fishing, and wear Urbantrout gear to show your support for the urban river restoration movement!

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