Copywriting: happy clients

As a freelance fundraising and commercial copywriter, I’m an invisible ventriloquist for my clients’ brands.

Whether I’m working for an advertising agency, or directly for a client, I’m employed to raise a smile, make sales, change attitudes, and promote loyalty among their customers.

All that… without those customers even realising I’m here. Luckily, my clients think I do that rather well.

Here’s what some of them have said about my work:

“Bloody good letter fella, thanks for all the efforts” – MH, agency Account Director, British Gas

“Retention rate went up from 7% to 23% with these packs. The clients love the activity and really don’t want to change it – it is the only thing they are prepared to keep as part of the rebrand” -SM, agency Account Manager, Wanadoo

“Many thanks for a simple, easy, and very good idea and execution” -BM, Founder Partner, Saxonbury Ltd

“Everyone loves it. They were fighting over it on the sales floor… this is the best mailer we have ever done!” – EW, client Marketing Manager, McAfee Network Associates

“We have a very happy COI client…” – AD, agency Account Manager, COI