Charity copywriting and concepts

Let’s not beat about this bush. Charity marketing always, but always, has a duty to make money and generate passionate enthusiasm for the cause.

As a former hands-on, award-winning Chairman of Trustees and writer for an ecological charity that’s educating kids and restoring rivers in London and across the south east of England, I’m personally and professionally focused on this fundamental truth.

That’s why I write all my charity pieces straight to your supporters’ hearts and pockets.

Nothing less will ever do.

Here are some samples of packs I’ve written for charity clients over the years:


This isn’t just a bootlace: it’s the reason we’re asking you for help.


It takes a special sort of person to help us train an RSPCA inspector…


Starving to death? Can’t get out? How home delivery saved a dog’s life…


Here’s our prescription for saving sight in Ethiopia. Will you help us deliver it?

Cancer Research UK

1 in 3 of us will get cancer. How does that feel?

Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital

Long-term fundraising: keeping valuable legacy donors in touch with the kids their gifts will help to cure


Lifesaving gifts: a virtual-giving Christmas catalogue to keep the crews afloat