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Fish lit at 35,000 feet

Since January this year, in my role as editor and lead blogger for the Wandle Piscators’ website, I’ve been contributing occasional guest blogs for the Financial Times’ lifestyle ezine, How To Spend It.

As I wrote shortly after I’d received the invitation from PR guru Drew Benvie and How To Spend It‘s deputy editor Maria Shollenbarger, masterminds of the site’s relaunch, what could I say but yes?

Then as now, this was a diamond-encrusted opportunity to get grassroots environmental concerns in front of an audience that’s probably more accustomed to sipping Cristal at 35,000 feet than grappling motorbikes and shopping trolleys out of the urban little River Wandle.

But all that eco-social messaging aside, I’ve also reckoned that this was a chance to spin out the meaning of the How to Spend It masthead rather more literally… and explore the idea that immersing yourself in angling’s mainstream and many side-channels can mean time well spent, and maybe even add up to a life well lived.

With subject-matter ranging from riverfly monitoring to the modern artistry of fishing with vintage Sage fly-rods, the mix of guest posts I’ve written so far is listed here.

Today, they’ve just been joined by my latest: an account of a fish lit evening with Charles Rangeley-Wilson, Chris Yates, Luke Jennings and John Andrews, all organised by that cultural compass Caught by the River. Please click on over to How To Spend It to read and enjoy!