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Stop the spread: Fighting back against invasive species

When it comes to identifying and dealing with aquatic invasive non-native species, can there be anyone better equipped than a bunch of motivated, knowledgeable anglers? 

Well, sometimes, yes. But everyone has to start somewhere, and it never hurts to know more about the actual and potential threats to your favourite river, newly-restored or not…

It’s been a while since I added anything new to my once-regular monthly column for Raif Killips’ excellent Fly Fishers’ Republic e-zine. (Apparently some book took up quite a lot of my writing time in the last couple of years…)

But all that just changed with the second part of a know-thine-enemy double bill focused on the alien species rampaging through our rivers, streams and wetlands… and a few ideas for fighting back against an army of invaders that make Ridley Scott’s worst nightmares seem kinda tame and actually not very scary at all.

Aliens 1 is here, Aliens 2 has just gone live, and you can find a full listing of my river restoration series of articles on this page.