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Fallon’s Angler and WTT’s Little Book of Riverside Moments

In the past few months I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading about geology, as well as thinking about ways of helping urban rivers now and in the future. So I guess it was slightly inevitable that these themes might emerge in some of my own current writing too…

For the latest issue of Fallon’s Angler (red-ragged by a brief from editor Garrett Fallon which emphasised ‘abandonment, fishing in remote, forgotten places… the inexorable marching on of time and the cycles nature creates in man’s wake… where we come from and where we are going’) I’ve written a piece called When we’re gone on the subject of rocks, time, entropy, industrial ruins, the span of human consciousness, and how a little brown trout may actually know more about all of this than I do.

Meanwhile, I’ve also contributed my own unusual wildlife encounter, in this case approximately 150 million years in the making, to the Wild Trout Trust’s latest publication.

Not Really Fishing: A Little Book of Riverside Moments is a collection of short stories and fascinating facts about river wildlife from a wide range of contributors including Garrett himself, Jon Beer, Michelle Werrett, Andrew Griffiths, Kevin Parr and Fred Scourse, and I’m very proud to have been involved in the editing and design process alongside my colleague Denise Ashton and talented designer Rebecca Hawtrey.

Click on the links below to buy both of these new publications online… and enjoy!

Issue 23 of Fallon’s Angler is available from the Fallon’s Angler website, and Not Really Fishing can be found in the Wild Trout Trust’s web shop, or by print on demand from Amazon.