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Copywriting for kriticalmass

kriticalmass screen shot

Now and again in my day job as a freelance copywriter, I get a sneak preview of a product or service that makes me think Damn, why didn’t I come up with that one myself?

Luckily, after that brief moment of wonder and regret, my next reaction is usually Wow, I’m really glad to be part of letting this loose on an unsuspecting world.

Which is exactly what happened a few weeks ago when I took a last-minute copywriting brief on this new crowdfunding and -sourcing website called kriticalmass.

The brand’s key strapline, We power good, had already been written by John Hegarty, long-time art director partner of my good pal Neil Chalkstream Chronicle Patterson (who was apparently also the brains behind Audi’s never-been-bettered Vorsprung durch Technik line).

In the next phase of development, the founders hired me to spin their big idea out into engaging, emotive words for the front end of their site, including these introductions to what makes kriticalmass stand out from the rest of the (already crowded) crowdfunding marketplace:

Powering good is all about making someone’s day a little brighter. It’s answering a call for help. It’s adding your voice to a cause. It’s whatever you make it, as long as it puts a smile on someone’s face. Including yours. 

Good ideas are scary. That’s what makes them good. And that’s why it can be tough to get the support you need. But once you’ve decided to take the next step… good things happen through the power of the crowd. 

Good stories involve everyone, and that’s how you, your staff and your community can benefit from being part of kriticalmass. Pick a project that’s meaningful to you, put your full resources and expertise behind it, then share the story with the world.

Oddly enough, in some not-so-spare time recently I’d been speculating about launching a little crowdfunding appeal myself at some point.

Now, when that happens, it might have to be here