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Balsam Bashing: Book signings at Farlows and Sportfish

Signing at Farlows

To celebrate the launch of my new Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing this week, I’ve been highly honoured to set out my stall at two separate Sportfish events…

… first an all-day signing session at Farlows on publication day (complete with wine and snacks generously laid on by Brian Fratel and Sam) …

… and then sharing a stand with Fishpal’s effervescent Anne Woodcock on the Saturday of this year’s Sportfish Show.

To say we were at the epicentre of the fair’s energy doesn’t start to describe it, with Orvis on one side, Savage Gear on the other, and all the big guns from Sage and Rio (Marc Bale, Travis Campbell and my old casting guru Simon Gawesworthnot the first time I’ve mentioned him and the Sportfish Show in the same sentence!) immediately opposite.

Many other good pals including Paul Sharman, William Daniel, Funky Toby Merigan, Mark Hamnett, Charles Jardine, Mark Anderson and Graham Waterton also dropped by for a chat and a signed copy or three…

… and all too soon it was time to hit the road back to south London again, to get ready for early morning riverfly monitoring and helping to run this month’s Wandle Trust river cleanup. (If you make a career in writing and river restoration, that’s the deal you apparently sign up for… and I wouldn’t live it any other way).

Farlows drinks

Sportfish stand

Talking INNS

View from the stand

Big thanks to Allan Shepherd, Chris Ryan and everyone at Farlows and Sportfish for their massive enthusiasm and support this week. Balsam Bashing time is officially here!