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Turrall Flies: 5 top tips for urban fly-fishers

When you’ve already been sniffing out the secrets (hmm…) of urban rivers for more years than you might care to count, it’s easy to forget that not everyone else has been on this journey of discovery for quite that long. So here’s a little guest blog post I wrote recently for my good pal Dominic […]

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Fly-fishing, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers May 10 2016

New life for the Taff

Quite apart from the constant hum of creativity that means we’re now getting to play with some of the finest, most sophisticated tackle ever deployed in search of elusive fish, I think it’s fair to say that two developments – no, movements – within the last 20 years have revolutionised the lives of most of […]

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Fly-fishing, Grayling, River restoration, Taff, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Writing Apr 04 2016

Urban river restoration: Interview for SCALE Magazine

It’s not every day you get interviewed on your home water for an international fishing ezine. So when Germany’s SCALE Magazine offered to send writer-translator Tankred Rinder (also editor of Forelle und Aesche) and photographer Veit Dresmann to south London as part of their round-the-UK road trip in September… … I jumped at the chance […]

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Chalkstreams, Fly-fishing, London, Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing, River restoration, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Wandle Dec 01 2014

Wet weather in Wincanton

However many urban river restoration projects you get to know (and I got very familiar with a large number of them in the course of researching and writing Trout in Dirty Places), there’s something about meeting new people on the banks of their once-dirty-and-forgotten river that never grows old.  So it was a particular pleasure […]

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Discovering the Dour

In September I took a trip down to Dover and discovered another little urban chalkstream that’s spookily similar to the Wandle: Long before recorded history, the Dour was responsible for creating one of Britain’s earliest natural harbours, wearing a deep notch into the chalk cliffs and providing Neolithic boatmen with a safe landing-place in a […]

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Chalkstreams,, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Wandle, Writing Nov 02 2013

Writing on the Wandle: Tankred Rinder and George Monbiot get stuck into Trout in Dirty Places

The past few weeks have been busy with new project development (of which, I hope, more soon!) but I’ve also had the thrill of meeting two great and influential writers on the banks of the Wandle. First up was Tankred Rinder, Austrian author and editor of the rapidly-growing Forelle und Aesche e-zine. Tankred fished the Wandle […]

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Fly-fishing, Grayling, London, Media coverage, River restoration, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Wandle Apr 30 2013

Books etc

Between bursts of freelance copywriting and other life interruptions like running the launch of the new South East Rivers Trust, the last couple of months have had a kinda bookish flavour in and around south London… First there was the very enjoyable task of reading and reviewing a proof copy of my good pal Charles […]

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Chalkstreams, Environmental policy, Freelance copywriting, London, Trout in Dirty Places, Writing Mar 25 2013

Urban fly-fishing breaks cover in Shooting Times

I’m delighted to announce that my latest Trout in Dirty Places flavoured feature has just appeared in this week’s issue of Shooting Times. The article focuses on urban fly-fishing opportunities for trout and grayling in Britain’s market towns including Fakenham, Leominster and Tiverton, and I’ve also (briefly!) addressed the vital role that’s played by good […]

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Fly-fishing, Grayling, Media coverage, Shooting Times, Trout, Trout in Dirty Places, Writing Sep 20 2012

River on a knife edge

This time last year when I wrote in my introduction to Trout in Dirty Places … Despite their recovery and fragile resilence, we shouldn’t be in any doubt that urban trout and grayling still inhabit rivers on a knife edge. Chances are, between the time I finish writing this book and you start reading it, […]

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Pollution, Trout in Dirty Places, Urban rivers, Wandle Aug 24 2012

Trout in Dirty Places hits the road

With the razzmatazz of the book launch behind us, the Trout in Dirty Places show has been on the road out of London… … first for a book-signing event and generally big night out at the Hillsborough Hotel microbrewery in Sheffield, complete with pints of deliciously hoppy Wobbly Wader beer (with 10p per pint generously […]

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Freelance copywriting, London, Shows, Trout in Dirty Places May 26 2012