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Archive for April, 2012

Remembering Sidney Vines

(Photo: Roy Eaton) Amid the storm of positive publicity surrounding the launch of Trout in Dirty Places, a moment of sadness: news of the passing of Sidney Vines. As a confidant of both Frank Sawyer and Oliver Kite, Sidney was a link to a genuinely vanished world, which he recorded authoritatively in Keeper of the […]

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Chalkstreams, Wandle, Writing Apr 25 2012

Link haze: Trout in Dirty Places storms the media

One week on from the official launch of Trout in Dirty Places at Grangers in South Kensington, and the slightly scary sense that I haven’t so much dropped a pebble into the margins of a quiet pool as heaved a bloody great boulder into a cast-iron bathtub… … is slowly starting to subside. Still, it’s […]

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Media coverage, Trout in Dirty Places, Uncategorized, Writing Apr 10 2012