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Fisch? Where?

  Even when you’re supposed to be doing something else entirely, most fly-fishers know from experience, fish can just come out of nowhere. Crammed onto a chilly chairlift in the Austrian Alps last week with my ski-writer sister-in-law and a couple of random Russians, I ducked my chin into my collar against the wind, glanced […]

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Alps, Austria, Fly-fishing, Huchen, Trout Jan 19 2012

Angling writers’ convention: DG hits the Wandle

After several successful outings on his own home waters earlier in 2011, during which I’m almost certain I mentioned a little river in South London once or twice… … it was pretty much inevitable that my West Country fishing partner in crime Dominic Garnett would eventually take the bait and visit the Wandle for the first […]

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Coarse fish on the fly, Freelance copywriting, London, Perch, River restoration, Roach, Wandle, Writing Jan 05 2012

Fly-fishing in the freezer

Especially since that revelatory week in Vail when I found it was perfectly possible to ski in the morning, slip away to Gore Creek or the Eagle River for the lunchtime midge hatch, and still get back onto the slopes before the lifts closed, I’ve been deeply convinced by the leftfield concept of winter fly-fishing. […]

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Chub, Coarse fish on the fly, Fly-fishing, How To Spend It, Wandle, Writing Jan 02 2012