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Refilling the well

Traditionally, when an author finishes writing a book, he thankfully slams the door of his garret and clatters down the rickety stairs to the fleshpots of the nearest big city… there to get utterly amnesiac on Guinness, absinthe or whatever qualifies as the local obliviator of choice. By contrast, back in September, all I wanted […]

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Coarse fish on the fly, Roach, Rudd, Writing Nov 27 2011

Fish lit at 35,000 feet

Since January this year, in my role as editor and lead blogger for the Wandle Piscators’ website, I’ve been contributing occasional guest blogs for the Financial Times’ lifestyle ezine, How To Spend It. As I wrote shortly after I’d received the invitation from PR guru Drew Benvie and How To Spend It‘s deputy editor Maria […]

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How To Spend It, Wandle, Writing Nov 18 2011

In the beginning…

(Photo: Dominic Garnett) Every blog has to start somewhere, just like every writer’s career. Fishing-writing got its hooks into me almost ten years ago, soon after I moved from retail to full-time marketing (write about what you know and inspires you is the oldest cliché in the book, but it also happens to be the […]

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